What is SEO in 2020 - Search Engine Optimization 2020

What is SEO in 2020 - Search Engine Optimization 2020

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ranking the highest websites within search engines. There are many different search engines, the main ones are Google, Bing and Yahoo. While some people use the others, you really want to rank on Google. Statistics show that over 73% of users use Google as their primary search engine. If you rank there, you get the most traffic.

It is also important to note that different search engines have their own ranking factors. This essentially means that a good search engine ranking doesn't mean that it will rank on other search engines. These search engines use different factors to rank a website. It is therefore important that you take various ranking factors for search engines into account as part of an SEO strategy.

what is seo 2020
what is SEO 2020

What is an algorithm?

The algorithm is the ranking system behind how search engines rate your website. Google uses over 200 different variables to rate a website. Each variable is weighted and SEO adapts websites to these requirements. However, Google regularly changes its algorithm to ensure that people who automatically test and use SEO software cannot take advantage of the system.

Ideally, you will try to optimize your website to a very high standard, and it is highly dependent on many variables, so you will be less likely to feel the effects of such changes when you update Google. The last few years (April 2012) were the beginning. Google has released the so-called Penguin update, which is aimed at spammers and those who use link building software and millions of affected websites. Since then, there have been a number of panda and penguin updates that make SEO more difficult for those who want to use shortcuts.

Even now, in 2018, Google is always looking for websites to delete. So when the general public searches for something on Google, they get a high quality relevant website for the search term you entered.

SEO Tools And Software

There is SEO software that you can buy that does the boring SEO work for you. Things like submitting directories and creating links can be done at the push of a button.

Many SEO companies try to use software to perform some tasks. We recommend not using software because your SEO efforts, however tempting they may be, will suffer from such tactics. Search engine optimization has been around for some time, Google knows spam techniques very well and is intelligent enough to counter pitfalls. Don't get me wrong, there will always be smart people developing tools that can outsmart the system, and yes, that can work for a while, but Google will punish you at some point and all of your rankings could collapse. Search engine optimization only works best if professional search engine optimization does it manually and of course with experience and reliable resources.

One of the problems many people face is that they are leading them in the wrong direction. You will see that there are many different people telling you how SEO works and the reality is that there is no established way to do it. In addition, there are many ways that SEO doesn't work, but there is so much material that says yes. Everything I show you in this course is a proven strategy that worked for me. By following these steps and procedures, you can rate websites.

The terms used for these SEO tactics are
  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO
  3. Gray Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO - What is SEO

Well, as we explain, this is the tactic we recommend, as everyone else will eventually get you to discover them and suffer a drop in rankings or even get banned by Google. White hat SEO does all the SEO work manually and uses only ethical tactics. This leads to a good ranking and there are no potential dangers or penalties. Those of you who know me know that I don't believe 100% that this is the best tactic. Now I'm not against white hat procedures at all. I'm worried about companies and niches that don't have the budget for massive advertising campaigns or have intriguing content to write about. Here other techniques should be implemented in the SEO campaign.

Black Hat SEO - What is SEO

This is a tactic used by SEO when they use software to perform tasks such as link building and directory submission. Other black hat tactics include entry pages, hidden text, keyword padding and link rings, etc. You can buy other domains like www.examplexyz.com and have a one-page website that points to www.xyz.com. This tactic is now disapproved of by Google.

Hidden text is another tactic that worked years ago. People added white text to a website with a white background and kept mentioning the keywords because they are invisible to the human eye. Having keywords on your page is an important ranking factor that has been misused by people over the years. So if you choose to use hidden text, it may cause problems for your website.

A popular topic that I may have spoken about is PBN (Private Blogging Networks). This is a great list of websites that are under your control that you can link to any website of your choice. I'm not going to go into too much detail at the moment, but it's something that many SEOs will use to rate a website.

SEO Gray Hat - What is SEO

Gray Hat SEO is just a mix of white hat and black hat techniques. As I mentioned earlier, there is no established way to rank a website. Some niches require more work than others, some do not need a black hat method to rank well, and others may be heavily dependent on it. Gray Hat is an SEO tactic that implements every technique required and, if executed correctly, can finally rank your website in search engines.

You have to run your own tests, but when it comes to SEO, SEO is essentially what is SEO. Obviously, this blog is designed to handle all aspects of search engine optimization that are required to rank a website. Just follow this as a step-by-step guide and hopefully you'll end up with a much better understanding of what is SEO.

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