Video Marketing - How to Promote YouTube Channel Without Paying

Video Marketing - How to Promote YouTube Channel Without Paying

Think About YouTube is just for video sharing platforms? Think again.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine worldwide, with 2 billion active users per month. Acquiring a master's in it is the biggest success for digital marketers.

But how do you shine from this fast-growing network? This is the biggest challenge for every YouTubers which is involves in video marketing.
video marketing

How to Promote YouTube Channel Without Paying

1. Choose The Perfect Keyword:

A massive YouTube channel always starts with great SEO for promote YouTube channel because without Search Engine Optimization can not possible to rank. But great SEO starts with understanding the facts about what the people are searching.

Here are the easy ways to find the perfect keyword for your content:

  • Pick the effective keywords related to your content through various online keyword planners for video marketing.
  • Google the selected keyword.
  • Browse the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for every keyword. Are the top rated videos or content?
  • Twist your keyword and browse again. Add magnificent words like "How to" or "Best Steps" for the high reach like How to Promote YouTube Channel.
  • Tick the keyword which suits your content correctly.

2. Use Simple and Attractive Titles:

The title is the first that stands out for your users when they see your content. If it is not aggressive, then it may be one of your losses of view.

Catch these points to keep the title for your content to cover the audience:

  • Make it handy and sweet. The most successful videos on YouTube tend to have the shortest title. Maintain your title within 55 characters or less, or some of your titles will eclipse when displayed.
  • Paste your keywords in the first half of the attractive title to miss out on the valuable info. Most of the readers online will focus on the starting of the sentence and skip the balance.

Still can't make an ideal keyword for your stunning content? Autocomplete feature on YouTube is the most excellent tool to get the exact keyword.

3. Create Eye-Catching Thumbnail:

Thumbnails play an essential factor even more than the titles that our mind goes forward to the visuals first more than the wordings.

YouTube provides automatic thumbnails for all the videos, but they may be blurry one or out of scope. To hike your views, make a fantastic thumbnail for your video content.

Follow these great tips to acquire lots of thumbs:

  • Image resolution should be 1280 x 720 px, and the ratio should be 16:9
  • Image size should be below 2 MB
  • Image format should be .JPG, .PNG, .BNP and .GIF
  • Use high contrast images, mostly.
  • Add colors and texts to your thumbnail images.

4. Fill The Profile:

Most of the YouTubers skip the profile category and go directly for the posting content. But a good profile is an excellent way to promote and boost your SEO.

Let's see some factors to create a compelling YouTube profile:

  • Always be consistent. Use the identical writing pattern, color palette, and image layout as you do on social media and websites.
  • Give a potent description. It is the exact area to fill all your keywords related to your video content and make sure that it should be below 165 characters.
  • Enter your contact info. You won't get to know who needs your help on YouTube. So, provide your info for them to contact you and also to stay in better business.

5. Load High-Quality Videos:

Poor video quality would ruin your reach even if you loaded the high-quality videos for video marketing. So, make the professional content and post it on YouTube to shine in the quickest time. Use a better camera, check the sound format, and learn some editing skills to load a video better.

Acquire your objective in a short time, go with the help of buying YouTube views to viral your video on YouTube.

6. Merge With Your Fans:

The most successful YouTubers continuously check and merge with their fans.

Respond to the viewer's feedback even if it is harmful and love the positive. Use YouTube analytics to grab your fans and interact with them to stay in a long relationship.

7. Make Playlists:

Playlists are a brilliant way to get people to stay on your videos more time. It is because of little addicting to your mind-blowing videos. The next stunning video starts as soon as the streaming video ends.

Playlist titles are the perfect area to add your keywords as well. Stunning videos in the playlist mostly appear in the suggested column on YouTube.

You can create the playlists in two ways effectively:

  • On your page on YouTube, organize the existing videos under the same theme. It helps to get more viewers for your channel.
  • Compile the videos from other influencers. It says your viewers that you are in the know and suggests them to share your playlist.

8. Go Live:

YouTube is the most popular and trendy of all the live streaming platforms. Engage the viewers by providing useful content regularly.

Q&As, events, and webinars work well in live stream video. It encourages your viewers to share the points with your streaming live. It is an excellent method to cover most of the people for your channel on YouTube.

9. Add Call-To-Action:

Attaching CTA in your video gets your viewers to share or like your videos. Or you may direct them to your website. Wherever you need your viewers to jump, you can use the best option Call-To-Action. It is always compelling and fascinating.

There are many ways to create CTAs for your videos:

Direct Host-Mentions: Ask the viewers directly from your video what they want to do.

Video Description: Ask the viewers to do engagements (likes, shares, comments) to your videos in the description itself.

End Cards: Give a custom screen share from the beginning, middle, or end of the video. These tips will punch your CTA effectively by gathering more audience to your videos.

10. Promote Your Channel:

Reach out the audiences outside of the YouTube network to build a community around your channel.

There are lots of ways to promote your videos on the outside world of YouTube:

Social Media: Different strategies go well on various social platforms. If you are using large social media, you can promote your channel effectively.

Make sure of the recommended spec for videos for every social platform, then work on optimizing it. Also, feel free to make sure that your brand looks unique and fresh. And remember to use different captions when you post every time.

GIFs are a funny and exciting factor to promote YouTube videos on Twitter.

Blogging: You can also work with your blog to create great content that helps drive traffic to your YouTube platform.

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