On Page Optimization Techniques For Beginners

On Page Optimization Techniques For Beginners

on page optimization

On page Optimization Techniques for Beginners

If you are in the online business, there is no way out of search engine optimization. You can't expect to be successful and profitable in your online business if you don't focus on SEO, no matter how much effort you put into creating link building and other off-page factors. On the side, SEO regulates the problem when it comes to online marketing, and if you want to be successful in online marketing you need to consider the important factors involved.
An on-page SEO technique is a practice of optimizing individual websites in order to achieve a higher ranking and to generate additional relevant traffic in search engines. The SEO on-page technique has modified over the years, so it's important to keep up with the latest practices.

These are some important factors for on-page SEO Optimization:

Meta Title Tag
Your blog or website contains a page title in head section, which is the most important part of the on-page technique. The title of your page must contain your main keyword. If you include the keyword in the title of your page or in the title of the post, your page or post has a better chance of appearing in the search results of the search engine.
Code Example:- <head> <title> Enter your keyword  </title></head>
Meta descriptions
Most people forget to add a meta description to their pages on the website. The meta description is the most important factor to include some relevant keywords in the description text. The meta description of your page is displayed to users when they search in the search engines. Therefore, each page must have a unique and attractive meta description.
Meta Description Length in 2020:- Google - 158 character / 920 pixels, Bing - 168 character / 980 pixels, Yahoo - 168 characters / 980 pixels
Meta Tags
Meta tags mean a set of keywords on each page on the website. Keywords must be relevant for the post and page. You can use a Yoast SEO WordPress plugin to insert the page title, description and meta tags. If your website running on the WordPress platform.
SEO Friendly URL Structure
The URL structure is most important for the notification because your URL is shown first before clicking on the search engine result page. Your post or page URL must contain your keyword. When someone reads your URL, you should understand what the page is about.
Body Tags
When writing your articles, you should break the content up into smaller sections and paragraphs to make scanning easier. These sections have a heading that uses the terms H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.
Search engines use them to see what is required at intervals of their content. This can be the reason why keyword-rich headings are very helpful than generic ones.
Optimize the Image
The picture is the best way to describe your page. All of your images on the website have titles when uploaded. Try to give them the same title as the title of your page. You can even use the alternative text and description with your image to make it more useful with SEO.
Internal Link
People often assume that the only links that count are from alternative websites. While these square links are important, these are not the only links that are needed!
This not only makes it easier for your guests to search your website and recognize all content but also ensures that your website is crawled properly so that search engines can search all of your pages. In addition, the relevance of a page for relevant keywords and expressions is increased and at the same time the Google Page Rank of your pages is expanded.

All of these techniques will help you improve your website ranking. If you use all of these on page optimization techniques, your website will quickly improve on the search engine result page.

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